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May 14, 1997 - The Executor

Donald B. Walters Telephone (204) 555-2215
Tax Consultant Fax (204) 555-2261
Box 12, Group 148
Winnipeg, MB, CANADA, R5R 5R5

May 14, 1997

Pembina Insurance Services
284 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2P5


Re: Canadian Surety Policy Number 1985762
Doris I. Donald - 175 Corydon Ave., Apt. 32G
Contents Coverage

ATT: Oscar

Dear Oscar:

I am the executor of my mother's estate. She passed away March 6, 1997 and I have purchased the condominium apartment from the estate.

I would like to continue the coverage which you have provided on the contents of this property, however, there are a few additions which I should mention:
1) I operate a small business from my home in the field of Income Tax Preparation and Management Consulting.
2) I require coverage on my computers and office equipment. Current computer equipment is as specified on the attached Schedule Of Articles from CUIS plus an Epson LQ570 printer (FMV $250.00), a Hewlett Packard Scanjet black & white scanner (FMV $250.00) and miscellaneous office furniture of minor value. The computers are presently covered under my mobile home policy (by additional rider), but that policy expires in September and I plan to sell the mobile prior to that time. The present coverage has been in effect since about 1987 with no claims.

I am 61 years of age, married, (wife Mabel R. Walters - joint tenant) and have been self employed for about 15 years. We will be taking up residency in the apartment sometime in July/97 and in the meantime are having some minor renovations done to the property.

Please advise the proposed premium for the coverage described and I will respond promptly with our decision.

Thank you,

Donald B. Walters


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