Thursday, August 6, 2009

December 20, 1996

Woodland Mobile Home Park
Wallcloud Parks Ltd.
Box 9, Group 148
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R5R 5R5
Telephone (204) 555-2261
Fax (204) 555-2261

December 20, 1996

Mr. Wayne Farkel
53 Water Street
Peterborough, Ont.
K2J 9M5

Dear Wayne:

In response to your recent request for a receipt for Income Tax purposes relating to the 1996 rent paid on Lot 34 Rock Bay in Woodland Park, I am writing to let you know that the lot is (and always has been) in the name of Jeannette Farkel (Linden).

It would therefore be our normal procedure to provide a rent receipt for 1996 in that name shortly after year end.

I should point out to you that rent receipts from one Province are usually not accepted by another Province for Tax Credit purposes....i.e. - if you lived for 10 months of a year in BC and moved to Manitoba for the last two months only the rent paid in Manitoba would be considered for Tax Credit purposes. Each Province has its' own Tax Credit system and some do not provide a Renter's Credit at all. I believe that this is the case in Ontario. However, if Mrs. Farkel requests that the 1996 rent receipt (or a portion thereof) be sent to you we will certainly oblige.

Sincerely yours,

Donald B Walters, Mgr.
Woodland Park


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